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Suffering from a Financial Stress?

Nowadays several individuals, even those wealthy, are heavily in debt. So if in case you are suffering from financial stress as a consequence, the best thing to do is to contact a Rancho Bernardo debt lawyer from our firm. Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf is a proven debt solution to answer your questions regarding debt remedies and financial recovery. We could assist you in filing for a debt relief and explain all your options relative to it. We could also give you other possible moves like filing for bankruptcy, debt consolidation, debt settlement, deed in lieu, forbearance, loan modification and short sale. Before deciding on what path to take to solve your problem, it is best that you know and understand your alternatives. Our firm is here to assist you in making the best decision possible with respect to debt elimination, and on how to prevent creditor harassment, lawsuits and other legal options a creditor will take just to collect money as payment for your debt.

Legal Matters Linked to Debt

The debt cases vary in every individual. Most people have the following reasons why they become heavily in debt:

  • Divorce
  • Medical emergency or healthcare catastrophe
  • More than one credit card of high interest rate
  • Overspending
  • Unemployment and loss of any source of income

Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf is aware of the anxiety provoked by unpaid bills and financial stress. Before we suggest a solution, we will first reevaluate your financial situation and discuss the leverage and detriments of your debt relief choices. In this way, you become in control of the path you are about to partake, together with our legal specialists who will be around to assist you with the subsequent types of debt relief through the whole process.

Counter to Creditor Harassments

Both the state and federal laws rule out harassment done by or coming from creditors and debt collection department. If you have been one of the victims of creditor harassment, directly get in touch with a legal professional---who can protect your rights against the abusive threats of creditors---at our Law Office.

Defense Against Collections

Having a considerable expense of debt, you may eventually become defenseless against abusive collections practices. Debt collectors will do every possible way to retrieve the money you owed. Worst scenario is when they would even try to communicate with your family and friends about your debt. Here at our firm, we can provide you with powerful protection against offensive collectors.

Debt Consolidation

Having to reorganize your debts so that you can only be charged with a lower interest rate on your debt and pay one lump sum is one component of debt consolidation. To learn further about the other ways in which this option can benefit you, contact a debt consolidation attorney from our firm.

Debt Counseling

Are you stressed out by your financial situation or obligation? We suggest you undergo debt counseling; this is one great way to discuss your options for debt relief. At our firm, we take time reviewing your personal financial details which we deem beneficial for you to have a clear understanding and mindset of the proceedings.

Deed in Lieu

A deed in lieu can be a win-win situation to both parties involved in a foreclosure. This alternative involves a landlord who would voluntarily sign over the deed to the property of a lender, and may save a landlord from having to file for bankruptcy.

Debt Litigation

There are numerous ways to confront the actions that your creditor has taken against you. Accordingly, Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf is a highly professional in dealing with this kind of case. So allow the expert attorneys at our firm to assist you in constructing an effective defense against creditor foreclosures, repossession and other probable legal actions.

Debt Negotiation

A Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can help you successfully negotiate your debts with creditors and lenders, since they are experts in arranging for discussion and settlement of terms pertaining to your debt relief. How? We have the resources and experience you need to achieve the best results in a negotiation.

Debt Relief

A debt relief attorney at our firm can walk you through all of the options available and provide you with knowledgeable legal counsel to help you more in making the right decision. There are many ways that individuals and families can seek relief from debt, so do not worry. We will be invariably ready to assist you in choosing your best alternative.

Debt Settlement

Worry no more of your much accumulated debt. Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf provides you with another choice---debt settlement. This basically covers negotiating with creditors to lower the amount owed and agree upon a new debt amount. Yes, our lawyers who specialized in this option can do this on your behalf. In fact, in some cases, the debt can be absolutely eliminated.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

This federal law regulates debt collectors in their conduct while they proceed with their collection for their debtors' payment. It was created to guard the latter from harm as a result of unfair and abusive treatment by the former during collection. Briefly, this act may protect your rights against debt collectors.

Foreclosure Defense

With our Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy lawyers help, you can file for a bankruptcy claim that lets you keep your home and shun foreclosure. Our firm is always available to provide you with superior foreclosure defense you need.

Harrassments Be Sued

We are well-versed not only with the California Rosenthal Act but also the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We too are knowledgeable on how to implement these laws to your benefit. Thus we assure you that our firm has experience and expertise in serving our clients sue creditors for harassment, which make us capable in helping you in this case as well.

Loan Modification

A loan modification can be the solution to your debt issues, particularly if you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments. You need the assistance of a Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy attorney in determining whether you qualify for such loan. We will advocate for the most effective modification on your behalf.


Aside from being around to protect your rights against any violations, we do certain things that a repossession company and a creditor cannot do. We make certain that we abide by the laws in taking your property, just like all the other repossession companies in California.

Short Sale

In order to avoid foreclosure when the owner owes more to the bank than the value of the property, a short sale of it is made. There are yet certain risks to be cautious with in considering a short sale. Thus it is advisable to consult a Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy lawyer before you sign anything or complete a transaction.

Strategic Default

A third of American citizens responded to a recent survey saying that they would be comfortable with strategic default. This simply implicates surrendering on an upside-down mortgage and a house to a bank. This is such a crucial and difficult decision to make. Thus before you think about walking away from an underwater mortgage, consider contacting our firm first. We offer a free consultation to discuss this course of action and to determine whether a strategic default is really the right strategy for you.

Wiping Out 2nd Mortgages

A lot of those who have are heavily in debt consider taking out a second mortgage to pay off the debt or support their families. But how about the case in when you also have fallen behind on payment for the second mortgage and, as a result, may face the risk of losing their homes one more time? Contact our firm and ask us how to wipe out your second mortgage.

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