Debt Litigation Defined

Debt Litigation Digged Deeper

When a person delays in paying his bills and eventually not able to sustain in making his monthly payments, it is expected that creditors will take every legal option---can be wage garnishment, foreclosure, repossession, lawsuit---they can in order to recover the money owed by the debtor.

Lawsuits allow creditors to seek for a court judgment that you owe the creditor the declared amount of money in the suit. On the part of the debtors, they can counter such by specifying any misconduct done by their creditors against them, thereby weakening the case. Some ways to challenge a lawsuit filed against you are the following:

  • illegal or irregular practices relative to the credit/loan agreement
  • misplaced or unrecorded payments
  • harassment resulting from debt collection misconducts

Contacting a Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy lawyer is the most effective and safest way to do when there is a lawsuit filed against you. Our lawyers are well-versed in these cases and therefore are capable of giving you immediate legal advice, especially in determining what financial solution to choose and use. They are guaranteed to be efficient in representing you in court so you will not be charged for failing to show up in any debt-related legal matters.

Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf has managed to house highly experienced legal specialists who can defend you against every legal move your creditors considers to do. Our lawyers can protect your rights and privileges. We will exhaust every way possible to prevent you from losing your possessions.

Debt Litigation Lawyer in Rancho Bernardo

Having your creditor to file a lawsuit against you is imminent. That is why there are several ways to counter their claims:

  • making arrangements with the creditor or debt collection agency
  • filing a type of bankruptcy petition

But of course, there are yet preliminary examinations you should undergo to establish your eligibility for bankruptcy and other financial solutions. Both the advantages and disadvantages of every process shall be discussed with you thoroughly before application.

For valid options and proficient representation, contact a Rancho Bernardo debt attorney at Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf, especially if your creditors have begun taking legal actions against you.