What is Creditor Harassment and How to Deal With It?

Inequitable Practices Relative to Debt Collection

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and the state law, any form of harassment done by creditors and debt collection agencies is indeed illegal. Harassment includes misconducts like calling too frequently or inconveniently with respect to time and location. Debt collectors are therefore obliged to have good manners and right conduct in contacting you. They must to you respectfully, without posing any threat, even if you owed them big time. Contacting other individuals unrelated to your account and talking to them about your debt dealings can also be considered a harassment. If you are experiencing this inequitable manner of debt collection from any of your creditors, then you might want to consider hiring a Rancho Bernardo debt attorney who can defend your rights and assist you through the whole process.

Know Your Legal Rights and Valid Options

Regardless of your financial situation, you deserve to be dealt with justly and respectfully. At Law Offices Of Pamela Kleinkauf, we deem it necessary to protect you from being treated in such a demeaning manner. Not solely is it demeaning, it might also eventually lead to consequences like job loss, marital stress and privacy invasion. These effects and the frequency of which elicited a government regulation of the debt collection industry.

In struggles like this, you should know if not remember that you are not alone. A lot of other people have experienced equivalent condition and have received the proper protection they needed. All these and more because of the learned lawyers who have always been assisting them to carry out related legislation.

It is one of your rights to sue those infractions to the laws pertaining to debt collection practices. Oftentimes individuals immediately consider bankruptcy as another valid option to protect themselves from the high probability of occurrence and negative effect of credit collection harassment. This is so because, as soon as you file for it and in accordance to the law, debt collectors must cease all efforts to recover the debt. It is yet more advisable to contact and consult us these matters to us first, so we can help in weighing your choices to conclude what will be the most appropriate approach in solving your specific case.

Consult a Rancho Bernardo debt attorney if you come across any form of harassment from debt collectors and agencies.