Civil Litigation Lawyer Rancho Bernardo

Civil litigation is a legal dispute involving two or more parties that seek money damages rather than criminal charges. It is a process in which civil matters---can be described as circumstances dealing with relationships between individuals, such as a marriage, or a contract dispute---are resolved in a court of law. Civil laws---which are contrived by lawmakers, not through decisions rendered by judges, and are drafted in a book of statutes---govern all Civil litigation proceedings.

Rancho Bernardo Civil Litigation Lawyers

A Civil litigation lawyer---also known as “litigator” or “trial lawyer”---represents parties in arbitrations, hearings, mediations, trials before agencies, tribunals, and other judicial systems. Here in Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy law firm, we have civil litigation legal professionals who take on with the challenge existent in this antagonistic process. We are willing to assume an oppositional position and embrace conflict and controversy, especially during the trial. Our knowledge and experience encompasses a broad range of disputes which includes:

  • Business, Employment and Labor
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Contracts and Construction
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Education Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Real Estate

Rancho Bernardo Litigation-related Services

Aside from being adept with state, federal, and local civil practice rules which are relevant to CIVIL LITIGATION, the available litigators in our firm are exceptionally trained and therefore proficient in:

  • Optimal options on dispute resolution
  • Direct and cross examinations
  • Intellectual opening and closing arguments
  • Evidential objections
  • Fact Analysis
  • Intellectual opening and closing arguments

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