The Rancho Bernardo Bankruptcy Process

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The type of bankruptcy is a determinant on how your case differs with other individuals who are also experiencing financial setbacks. In Chapter 7, your debt is expected to be discharged in less than a year. In Chapter 13, the process is expected to take a longer course and involve a payment plan per month. However, both share comparatively the same filing method---as enumerated below---which eventually lead to the same aftereffect of a debt-free life.

  • Consultation with a bankruptcy lawyer to ascertain what type of bankruptcy will be optimal option for your current monetary case
  • Presentation of pertinent financial documents to your lawyer, so they can figure out which kind of bankruptcy shall provide you with a better path towards debt relief
  • Completion of a credit counseling class that must be done before the investigation of your bankruptcy petition occurs
  • Filing your bankruptcy petition with the court, through your lawyer. It is required that you accomplish a "means test" prior to filing for Chapter 7.

Once your petition is approved, the process starts to differ based on the type of your bankruptcy you filed for. The topics of conversation will vary to some extent, but for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, you will have to attend a creditors meeting. For the creditors meeting in Chapter 7, the debts to be discharged, including any conflicts from your creditors, shall be discussed. For Chapter 13, the creditors meeting shall tackle matters pertaining to the prearranged creditor payment set up.

As soon as the meeting has been all over, an individual is expected to see their debts to discharge not beyond 75 days in a Chapter 7. Expected to take longer time than the former to finish, Chapter 13 comes at the completion of the payment arrangement which can take a year or so. For supplementary information on what filing for bankruptcy brings about, contact a Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy attorney immediately and avail of our free consultation.

Where To Seek For Assitance In Rancho Bernardo?

The lawyers here at the Law Office of Pamela Kleinkauf are committed to help our clients liberate themselves from their paralyzing financial issues. That is why, we administer compassionate and convenient services which are meant to put our clients at ease as they delve into the bankruptcy process. We are invariably available to answer queries or to present updates concerning the progress of their proceedings. We will surely assist you in determining whether to file for bankruptcy or else, and be with you along the way towards your objective---a debt free life---if ever you decide to move forward. Consult a Rancho Bernardo bankruptcy lawyer now and let us can serve you in all phases of the bankruptcy process---from filing to the conditional discharge of your debt.